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At Café Valer, we bake our own chicken and use only natural whole muscle turkey breast. We also offer egg white omelets and breakfast sandwiches as another healthy choice. Our breakfast is served all day. For lunch, we now serve a brown rice plate, which includes fresh baked chicken breast, black beans, salad and more. If you like to pair your latte with something sweet, you\’ll love our selection of cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, cookies, French croissants, scones and more. We bake fresh daily. We look forward to serving you soon.

Sandwich and Salad Combos

Half Sandwich & Half Salad Combo $11.95
Choice of half panini or deli sandwich & a choice of half salad

$1.00 more to add chicken to salad
$1.00 more for avocado salads

Side Salad & Drink Combo $3.50
Add to any full or half sandwich or wrap
Includes side spring salad and canned soda

Chips & Drink Combo $2.95
Add a bag of chips and canned soda to any item

Deli Sandwiches 

Half/ Full Choice of white, wheat, sourdough, or jalapeno cheese bread

Turkey Avocado Club $5.95/$9.95
Turkey breast, avocado slices, bacon, tomato, baby greens, garlic mayo

Italian Classic $9.95 * full size only
Hot capicola, hard salami, pepperoni, tomato, provolone cheese, sundried tomato sauce, baby

Turkey Hummus Pesto $5.95/$9.95
Turkey breast, hummus, basil pesto, cucumber, tomato, power greens

Turkey Spinach Avocado $5.75/$9.45
Turkey breast, garlic mayo, tomato, avocado, spinach

Jalapeno Steak Sandwich $10.50 (full size only)
Sirloin steak, spicy cayenne sauce, melted cheeses, tomato, pickles, garlic mayo, spring mix

Goggie Veggie Avocado $8.50 Full size only
Cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, mayo, half avocado, spring mix


9” Personal Thin Crust Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza $9.95

Spicy Pepperoni Pizza $10.95

Cheese Pizza $8.95

Chicken Pesto Pizza $11.95


$10.50 full size $12.50 w/chicken
$7.50 Half size $10.50 w/chicken

Pesto Salad
Spring mix, romaine, cucumbers, baby tomato, dried cranberries, almonds, basil pesto dressing

Cranberry Apple Salad
Spring mix, sliced apples, feta cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, apple dressing

Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing

Raspberry Walnut Salad

Spring mix, cucumbers, dried cranberries, walnuts, raspberry dressing

Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, pepperoncini, red onion, olive oil dressing

Asian Sesame Salad
Spring mix, spinach, carrots, red onion, power mix, cucumber, sesame seeds, Asian
dressing & teriyaki sauce

Parisian Avocado Salad ($1.00 More)
Spring mix, shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, dried cranberries, almonds, feta cheese, avocado slices, balsamic dressing

Mango Caesar Avocado Salad ($1.00 More)
Romaine lettuce, power mix, croutons, parmesan cheese, apples, avocado slices, spicy mango sauce, apple Caesar dressing

House Salad
Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots, shredded cheese, croutons, ranch dressing 



Black Bean Chicken Avocado Wrap
Chicken breast, black beans, avocado slices, tomato, roasted peppers, blend of cheeses, buffalo sauce

Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap
Turkey breast, avocado slices bacon, tomato, lettuce, cream cheese, ranch dressing

Spicy California Caesar Wrap

Chicken breast, bacon, avocado, spicy sauce, Caesar dressing, tomato, romaine lettuce, cream cheese

Chipotle Chicken Wrap
Blended of cheeses, brown rice, black beans, chicken breast, chipotle sauce

Asian Sesame Chicken Wrap
Chicken breast, Asian dressing, tomato, cucumber, carrots, power mix, spinach, sesame
seeds, teriyaki sauce

Pesto Chicken Wrap
Baby greens, romaine, cucumber, tomato, roasted peppers, feta cheese, chicken breast, basil pesto, olive oil dressing

Spicy Sirloin Steak Wrap ($1.00 More)
Sirloin steak, spicy cayenne sauce, avocado, corn, black beans, red peppers, lettuce

Black Bean Hummus Avocado Wrap (Vegetarian)
Black beans, hummus, avocado, chipotle sauce, cream cheese, baby greens, romaine, tomato, roasted peppers

Spinach Artichoke Avocado Wrap (Vegetarian)
Baby spinach, baby green, romaine, cucumber, tomato, artichoke spread, Caesar dressing, feta cheese, sliced avocado


(egg-whites available for any item for $1.00 more)

Avocado Breakfast Sandwich $8.95
Scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, avocado slices, garlic mayo, cheddar cheese on grilled sourdough bread

Steak & Egg Burrito $10.95
Sirloin steak, scrambled eggs, tomato, avocado slices, black bean paste, jack & cheddar cheeses

Big Breakfast Burrito $10.50
Bacon, sausage, potatoes, black beans, blend of cheeses, scrambled eggs and spicy sauce(optional)

Chipotle Breakfast Avocado Panini (vegetarian) $8.95
Black beans, chipotle sauce, tomato, roasted peppers, avocado slices, scrambled eggs, pepper-jack cheese

Grilled Vegetarian Breakfast Wraps $6.00
2 flour tortillas wrapped and grilled with, spinach tomato, roasted peppers, scrambled eggs & blend of cheeses

Italian Breakfast Panini $8.95
Sundried tomato sauce, salami, pepperoni, tomato, scrambled eggs, provolone cheese grilled on sour dough bread

Original Breakfast Panini $8.95
Choice of pesto, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, tomato, roasted peppers

Jalapeno Breakfast Sandwich $9.95
Scrambled eggs, baked hash browns with quinoa & spinach, tomato, avocado, garlic
mayo, spicy cayenne sauce with melted cheese, jalapenos, on a spicy jalapeno cheese bread

Egg-White Energy Burrito $9.95
5 scrambled egg white, baked hash browns with quinoa & spinach, avocado, black beans, roasted peppers, choice of pesto or spicy sauce

Protein Breakfast bowl $10.50
Choice of chicken or steak, 3 egg white omelet, baked hash browns with spinach & quinoa, black beans, sliced tomato & avocado

Egg & Veggie Wrap(Vegetarian) $7.95
Spinach tortilla wrapped with baby spinach, tomato, red peppers, avocado slices,
scrambled eggs, cream cheese, mushrooms

Breakfast sandwich $5.00
Scramble eggs, choice of breakfast meat, mayo, American cheese, & choice of English muffin or bagel

Spinach & Basil Egg-White Omelet $6.95
Egg whites, spinach, tomato, feta cheese, basil pesto

California Avocado Omelet $6.95
Egg whites, spinach, tomato, roasted peppers, sundried tomato pesto, topped with avocado & salsa

Fit for Fitness

Power Bowl $8.95
Brown rice, red quinoa, power mix, olive oil dressing, chicken breast, avocado slices

Muscle Bowl $10.95
Brown rice, red quinoa, power mix, olive oil dressing, chicken breast, avocado slices, black beans, hummus

Vegan Bowl $10.95
Cooked red beets, red kidney beans, carrots, cucumber, power mix, spinach, spring mix,
avocado slices, balsamic dressing

Energy Bowl $11.95
Choice of chicken breast or sirloin steak ($1.00 more) baked hash browns with quinoa,
spinach, tomato, hummus, avocado, feta cheese, basil pesto, hard boiled egg

Keto Plate $11.95
Sirloin steak, hard boiled eggs, half avocado, hummus, spring salad, steamed broccoli

Avocado Steak Plate $11.95
Sirloin steak, basmati white rice, roasted corn, black beans, sliced avocado, salsa

Leaning Out Chicken Plate $8.95
Steamed broccoli, choice of brown or basmati rice, choice of chicken or steak

Healthy Combination Plate $8.95
Brown Rice, black beans, green salad, chicken breast, avocado slices, chicken breast, salsa

Power Protein Wrap $8.95
Power greens, baby greens, spinach, red quinoa, avocado slices, chicken breast honey mustard, cream cheese

Mass Builder Wrap $11.95
Baby spinach 6oz chicken breast, brown rice, black beans, avocado & salsa

Fit Chicken Avocado Panini $7.95
Baby spinach, tomato, mustard, chicken breast, avocado slices grilled on sqaw bread

Workout Wrap $11.95
Choice of chicken or steak($1.00 more) basil pesto, hummus, hard boiled egg, tomato, feta cheese, spinach, avocado, baked hash browns with red quinoa


$9.95 Full Size
$5.95 Half Size

Chipotle Chicken Avocado
Chipotle sauce, roasted peppers, chicken breast, avocado slices, pepper-jack cheese, black beans

California Chicken Avocado
Sundried tomato sauce, spinach, tomato, roasted peppers, avocado slices, chicken
breast, jack cheese

Garlic Chicken Pesto
Basil and sundried tomato pestos, chicken breast, grilled onions, roasted peppers, feta
cheese, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic spread

Turkey Spinach Artichoke Panini
Turkey breast, artichoke spread, feta cheese, spinach tomato, Caesar dressing

Chicken Spinach Feta
Basil pesto, feta cheese, spinach, tomato, roasted peppers chicken breast

Mango Habanero
Cream cheese, jalapenos, avocado slices, chicken breast, garlic mayo, mango habanero sauce, cheddar cheese

Chipotle BBQ Chicken ($1.00 more)
Chipotle sauce, bacon, BBQ sauce, chicken, grilled onion, roasted peppers, cheddar cheese

Garlic Sirloin Steak Panini($1.00 more)
Sirloin steak, bacon, grilled onion, sundried tomato sauce, garlic mayo, tomato, cheddar
and jack cheeses, garlic spread

Steak & Mushroom Alfredo
Sirloin steak, mushrooms, grilled onions, basil pesto, alfredo sauce, mozzarella and
parmesan cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Panini

Chicken breast, ranch dressing, tomato, roasted peppers, buffalo sauce, mozzarella

Vegetarian Panini
Black beans, baby greens, mushrooms, tomato, avocado slices, sundried tomato & garlic sauce,
roasted peppers, jack cheese

Blended Frappes

Spanish Caramel
French Vanilla
Chocolate Truffle
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip
Oreos & Mocha
Hawaiian Mocha
Coconut Almond
Winter Mint Mocha

Espresso Drinks

(hot or iced)

Cafe Latte
Flat White
Café Mocha
Caramel Latte
Vanilla Latte
Mexican Mocha
White Hazelnut Mocha
Caramel Macchiato
Salted Caramel Macchiato
Belgium Truffle Mocha
Spanish Caramel
Winter Mint Mocha